Think of an auto-refilling plan as a subscription. When you subscribe to our auto-refilling plan, you're getting coins at a discounted rate, which in turn allows you to continue enjoying your favorite stories on Radish!

For example, when you purchase our monthly auto-refilling plan, you'll receive 200 coins on the same day, at the same time, each month. This means if you purchase your subscription at 10PM, it will renew 30 days later at 10PM.

You can use your coins any way you'd like (whether it's purchasing a single episode or an episode bundle), on any story you'd like! 

⚠️ As a reminder, auto-refilling coins expire at the end of each 30 day cycle. If you do not use all 200 coins by the end of your subscription period, the unused coins will expire and be removed from your account. At the same time, 200 new coins will be added. Make sure to use all of your coins so you don’t lose them! 

Expired coins cannot be reinstated. Learn more about coin expiration dates here.

If you've turned on push notifications, you'll receive a notification at least 24 hours in advance of your coins expiring so you have time to use them up before they renew.

You can always view the expiration date of your coins from your coin deposit page. Just tap the Library icon in the bottom right, then your coin balance in the top left. Coins that expire will note their expiration date and time in pink text.