To pay our writers, we use Tipalti, the world’s most powerful and professional payment platform. We pay writers quarterly and automatically with a payment threshold of $50. On Tipalti you can choose your preferred payment method, track your payments, update your preferences, and view your payment history. Click here to read our FAQs on Radish Payments and Tipalti.

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Setting up your Tipalti account

The payment process on Radish

Previous payment requests


Setting up your Tipalti account

When we verify your writer account, you will receive an invitation email from the Radish Payments Team via Tipalti at the same time. Follow the registration instructions and submit your information to Tipalti.

In order to be payable, be sure to fill out your tax forms. More information about filling out tax forms on Tipalti can be found here. Please note: If you need additional help filling out your tax forms, please consult with a tax professional. Radish does not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice.

If you need your Tipalti invitation to be resent, email the Writer Success Team at


The payment process on Radish

Writers are paid quarterly and automatically through the Radish Payment Portal. Please note that we have a payment threshold of $50.

Quarter 1: January to March

Quarter 2: April to June

Quarter 3: July to September

Quarter 4: October to December


Our payment portal will use the average coin value from the last 3 months and provide you with real-time earning estimates. You will see the total number of coins your stories are earning— in real time— and an estimate of what your payout will be for all of those coins. 

When we finalize the coin value after the end of the month, you will be able to see the status of the coin value go from “In Progress” to “Pending” to signify that we have calculated the absolute value of the coin and your earnings for that month will be finalized. All months from the current pay period will remain in “Pending” until we transfer payment to you. Once payment has been made, the status will be updated to “Transferred.”

You can track your payment status via View Payment Status, which will show its estimated delivery period. You can also check out the history of your payments by using the filters. You can filter by story, by season, or view your cumulative earnings across your entire library.


Historical Earnings

To visually track the growth of your stories, you can filter the chart to a Monthly view of your Coin earnings.

You can choose the year that you wish to view and your coin earnings will appear grouped by each month - with color coded bars so you can easily see which months you have been paid for and which months are part of the current payment period.

Due to the volume of payments we make each quarter, payment may take up to 30 days after the end of the quarter to appear in your account.


Pro tip: You can always download a monthly CSV file of a breakdown of your stories and how many coins each one earned.


Previous payment requests

If you have a pending transfer request that has not been handled yet, please contact the Writer Success Team at In your email, please include [Pending Transfer] in the subject along with the date you requested the payment. Pending requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.