If you're ever experiencing any technical issues in Writer's Web, you can always reach out to us at writers@radishfiction.com for assistance! Be sure to include details (screenshots or a screen-recording are helpful) so that we're able to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Check out these helpful tips below for troubleshooting in Writer's Web:


My cover image won't save

A common issue is that the screen size is too big so the Apply button isn't visible! Try minimizing your screen to anything less than 100%. You should be able to see the Apply button when uploading, which officially saves the image.


When I save my episode, the italicized words disappear/ I receive an error message that the word count is below the minimum even though I have over 700 words

Be sure to copy your episode content from plain text. If the original content being copied in the Word doc is italicized, it's likely that the HTML breaks when pasting the italicized content into Writer's Web which leads to missing sentence, formatting not saving, or receiving word count minimum messages. 


I'd like for each season of my story to have custom titles

To enable this on your story:

  1. Click the "Edit" button to the far-right of the screen
  2. Select "I WILL have custom season titles" and you'll able to give unique titles to the seasons of your story. If you select "I WILL NOT have custom season titles," then your seasons will automatically be titled "Season 1, Season 2, etc."


I'm not able to turn on season bundles for my story

Season bundles can only be enabled when there's multiple seasons of your story available! Once you have more than 1 season, you can turn this feature by clicking the Edit button and scrolling to the pricing model section.


If you experience other problems with Writer's Web, try the basic troubleshooting steps below:

  • Use Google Chrome as your web browser.

  • Make sure your Google Chrome is updated.

  • Log out, close the window, and restart your computer.

  • Use another device (a laptop or desktop, perhaps)

  • If you are using Google Chrome, try clearing your browser history.