Exclusivity is determined by the pricing model you choose for you story and it's Publication Type. As a general rule of thumb, stories can be published elsewhere as long as they aren't monetized while available on for free on Radish. Here's a breakdown of each Publication Type available.

Frontlist: These serials are fresh off the digital presses! There are three types of Frontlist to choose from:

    1. New: Original serials that have never been published anywhere else.

    2. Continuation: Serials that are sequels or continuations of a series. The first installment or more of your story was published in full outside of Radish. 

    3. Pre-release: Serials that are exclusively published on Radish prior to being published with another platform or traditional publisher. 

Transfers: Stories that are published on Radish while in mid-serialization on another platform. 

Backlist: These are for older stories looking for a new home with a fresh audience. There are two types of Backlist to choose from:

    1. Full-Exclusive: Stories that have been published elsewhere in full prior to being published on Radish. However, they have been removed from other platforms and publishers. 

    2. Non-Exclusive: Serials that have been published elsewhere in full prior to being published on Radish and will remain available through other publishers and platforms.


This chart shows the terms of exclusivity of your story depending on the pricing model you choose:



Need more help determining which Publication Type fits your story? Feel free to shoot us an email at writers@radishfiction.com and we'd be happy to help you.