Season Bundle purchase allows any story with at least one completed season to offer readers the chance to buy the entire season at a discounted price. The discount helps readers commit to purchasing multiple episodes at once - and increases the amount of coins you as the writer receives thanks to a decrease in readers who might stop reading after purchasing just a few episodes.


How To Turn On Season Bundle Purchase

If you have a story or stories with multiple seasons, you are eligible to turn on Season Bundle Purchase. Simply head into Writer’s Web and click edit on your story. Scroll down to the “Pricing Model” section and you’ll see the option to turn on Season Bundle Purchase.

When you turn on Season Bundle Purchase, this is the discount that will be applied to the seasons:

  • 10% discount for 2 - 10 episodes
  • 20% discount for 11 or more episodes
  • 10% additional discount for every additional 50 episodes
  • Maximum 50% discount

Readers in-app will see this display when they go to purchase an episode of your story: