At Radish, you get to choose images for your cover that will be seen by your readers and other Radish users. Let’s get your story cover looking awesome!


Cover Guidelines & Dimensions

You can upload two types of covers: a Story Cover (vertical) and Feature Cover (horizontal). Your Story Cover is the main image readers see when browsing the app. Your Feature Cover is what we use when we spotlight your story in the app. We support JPG and PNG files.

Radish’s recommended cover dimensions:

  • Story Cover: Image size 750x1334 with an aspect ratio of 9:16.

  • Feature Cover: Image size 750x422 with an aspect ratio 16:9.

Pro-Tip: You can crop an image yourself in Writer’s Web!


Covers that get clicks

Attractive, high-quality covers get more readers’ attention. We’ve got some tips for you to keep in mind while looking for an image:

  • Keep your images free of text—Radish will automatically place your name and title on the image.

  • Choose a royalty-free image. Some free stock image sites are Unsplash, Pexels, and Stockified.

  • Avoid blurry photos. High-resolution images always look the best!

  • Match your cover image to the mood or promise of your story. If your story is about an undercover spy who falls in love with her archenemy, try to show that!

  • Search for images with people in them. Images that include people catch the eye and hold their attention for a longer period of time.

  • Check out what images are already on Radish and try not to get lost in the crowd. You’ll get a great sense of what kind of covers work well by looking at our homepage.

  • Remember to keep your cover PG-13. For example, Radish does not allow lingerie, nudity/implied nudity, or overly sexual positions. Note: Any cover that is not PG-13 will be temporarily removed from the platform and you’ll receive a notification from the Radish Content Audit Team with a chance to change your image.


Prohibited Cover Content

The following cover content is prohibited on Radish cover art and, per our Content Policy, may be removed at Radish’s sole discretion. This list includes, and without limitation, the following examples:

  • Any imagery that depicts sex, sex acts, sexual poses or positions, or implied sexual movements, e.g. A person straddling another person, a couple in a bed with one person’s head tipped back, etc.
  • Any imagery that contains nudity, implied nudity, or minimal clothing, such as lingerie or the implied removal of clothing, e.g. A person in lingerie with their midriff showing, a person undoing another person’s clothes, etc.


Not sure if your cover is the right fit? Ask the Writer Success Team at