Typically, we invite writers who have a strong online or offline presence, and we review writer applications on an ongoing basis.

We would love to hear from you if you are an:

  • Emerging writer– Advance your career by publishing for mobile.

  • Established writer– Reach rapidly growing audiences of readers outside your current fanbase.

  • Influencer– Continue to tell and grow your story, as you work to develop an IP that you will own.

Here's what our writers had to say about Radish. And if you are interested, apply to write with us!

How It Works

Once you're accepted, our team will set you up on our online publishing platform. There you can begin uploading stories that will appear throughout the app.

To begin publishing, here's what you'll need:

  • Story Genre

  • Story Title

  • Story Cover Image

  • Pricing Model (of your choice)

  • Episode 1

Ideally, writers on Radish are expected to release short, punchy episodes at approximately 1,000-2,000 words each, on a regular release schedule per story. The release schedule is flexible and entirely up to you.

Why publish on Radish?

Radish allows you to reach audiences on mobile devices while having the option to monetize your works. Writers have been using our platform to:

  • Release brand new stories, an episode at a time

  • Pre-release books already slated for publication in order to build advance buzz

  • Leverage backlist titles to gain a new audience

  • Upload bonus content for their existing books (prequels, spin-offs, etc.)