On Radish, we offer four different Pricing Models which set how your serial will be monetized. Each Pricing Model has unique advantages to them, so choose the model that works best for you! Please note the first three episodes of every story are automatically free.

Our Pricing Models:

Premium: For each episode, your readers must pay the three coin fee to access and read. 

This option is great for new stories or backlists, as it allows you to publish episodes without giving them away for free. This option is also best for writers with a dedicated readership on and/or off the app.

Freemium: Similar to Premium, readers must pay three coins to access and read each episode. However, each episode will be made free to read a minimum of seven days after publication. 

This model will warm readers up to paying for your stories, for first-time authors on Radish, or for stories being transferred from other platforms. Freemium is also effective for stories that are still in the process of being written (or are uploaded over a period of time instead of all at once), as it allows writers to maximize both profit and exposure.

Wait-to-Unlock: For each hourglass episode, your readers can wait a designated timeframe for it to unlock for Free. If your readers want to read an hourglass episode without waiting, they can pay to unlock it early.

For each locked episode, your readers must pay the three coin fee to access and read.

This model blends the best of Premium and Freemium! Hook your readers with chapters that they can unlock for Free by waiting, but keep a specific number of your most recently published episodes that will always need to be purchased. You decide the wait time and the number of always-for-purchase episodes! Make the switch by opening your story in Writer's Web and clicking "Edit" or email us at writers@radishfiction.com

Free: These episodes are completely unlocked and readers will not have to pay to read. 

This model is perfect for emerging authors who want to take advantage of Radish’s 500k+ users by gaining an audience for their work—often with the aim of placing Freemium or Premium stories after they have built up a dedicated readership. Choose this option if your story is already available in full for free elsewhere and you'd like to crosspost to develop a following on Radish, or to get readers hooked on your stories before asking them to pay for sequels or other stories.

Out of all of our pricing models, the most popular choice is Wait-to-Unlock - stories on this model earn an average of 5x more coins than Premium and 38x more coins than Freemium! 


Confused? Have a question? Shoot us an email at writers@radishfiction.com and we'd be happy to help!