The Manage Series feature was designed so you can link stand-alone stories together. Currently, we see authors posting one of two ways:

  • Each book in a series is posted as a separate story
  • Each book in a series is posted as a season under the same title

There’s no wrong way to do this, it’s just based on personal preference. But for authors who’ve gone with that first option, this feature will be incredibly helpful!

If you’re someone who opted to publish a series as 3 separate books, you can now link them together so readers are aware of their order. In the app, readers will see a note that says “more from this series.” The story they’re currently reading will be dimmed, and they’ll be able to see the books that come after.


Can I set pricing on a series-level?
No. Pricing still needs to be set on an individual story-level. 

Can I add draft stories to a series?
No. Stories must be published in order to be added to a series.

Can I add a story to multiple series?
No. A story can only belong to one series. Once it’s been added, you won’t have the option to select it as part of a new series.

That being said, you can add and remove stories from a series at any time.

Can I change the order of books in a series?
Yes! You get to determine the order. Using the hamburger menu (the icon that looks like 3 straight lines), you can drag and drop stories in the order you’d like people to read. 

If you decide to write a prequel to your series a few years from now, you can drag and drop that to the front of the line at that time.

How many stories = series?
Currently, you must add at least 2 stories to a series in order for it to work. If you know the story you’re currently publishing will be part of a series, but books 2 and 3 aren’t available yet, you’ll need to wait until book 2 has been published to create that series.

What happens if I archive 2 of the 3 books in a series?
If you archive all but one story of a series, the “more from this series” note will automatically disappear in the app. You should still manually remove the series in Writer’s Web.

Can readers search my series in the app?
We’re double-checking this, but a series title should be searchable in the app. Also, if a reader searches for a specific title in the series, there will be visual cues to let them know to check out the other works in that series.

If I currently have a story with multiple seasons, can I separate them out into individual books?
Unfortunately, this is not a part of this feature and isn’t something we can do at this time. But we’ve passed this feedback along to our Product Team for future additions!