Episode Scheduler - The Episode Scheduler allows you to schedule exactly when you want your episodes to be published.

Unreleased  - When you create an episode, it automatically is unreleased. This means that the episode has not been made available to the public. Draft Episodes and Queued Episodes both fall under Unreleased.

Draft - An episode saved in Writer’s Web which is not visible to the public. Content within drafts can be edited prior to publishing your episodes.

Queued - When an episode is queued, it has been scheduled for publication but is not yet visible on the app. Queued episodes can be moved back into drafts (click Remove From Queue) if you feel your episode is not ready for to be published and requires further edits.

Published - When an episode is published, it is made available to the public. It is no longer in draft or queued status and is live on Radish to read. For Premium & Free stories, Published just means it’s available to be read on the app. But Freemium follows a special second schedule after it's episodes are published where episodes are either locked or unlocked. (see Auto-Unlock below!)

Locked  - When an episode is Locked, payment is required before the episode can be read. For example, Premium episodes are always locked, whereas Freemium episodes are locked for 7 days each.

Unlocked - When an episode is Unlocked, it is either free to read, or has been paid for already.  Free episodes, for example, are always unlocked and Freemium episodes unlock 7 days after publication.

Auto-Unlock - This is a feature in our Episode Scheduler for our Freemium Serials that shows exactly when your freemium episode will unlock and be free to read. Auto-Unlock is always switched on for Freemium serials, as all Freemium serials are set to unlock 7 days after publication,

Auto-Release -  This is the timing function of our Episode Scheduler. It handles releasing all of the episodes of your story for you!

Ongoing vs Completed - Completion status indicates whether more episodes are to come or if the serial is completed.  Once marked Complete, you cannot publish new episodes to that serial. You can toggle back to Ongoing if you’ve mistakenly marked a story Complete.