We can make your first season free from our side! Many writers use this as a marketing strategy to get readers invested in their story.
All you have to do is select the pricing model you would like to apply to the rest of the story! Here's an explanation of how it works:
  1. If you're choosing Wait-To-Unlock, you can select any of the options for the settings and then we'll update the amount of free episodes to be the number of episodes in season 1.
  2. If you're choosing Premium or Freemium, at least 4 episodes must be published for us to unlock the rest of the season (we aren't able to unlock unpublished episodes with this pricing model).


You can manually publish the episodes by adding them to the queue, clicking the button with 3 dots, and then clicking "Release." Or you can wait until after they've already published on your release schedule! For either of these options, notify us at writers@radishfiction.com afterwards so we can unlock the episodes for you.