Found a few typos or need to make a quick update to your story after the episodes have published? You can make edits during the 7 days after the episode's release date. But if it's past the 7 days, you can request editing access!

Editing access allots you 48 hours to go in and make any minor changes you need to your work on your own. You can hop into any episode of any season of the story that has access enabled. This feature is great for situations where you want to fix some wording or want to spruce up an episode or two. But try not to make any changes that completely alter the story!

To make your request, email us at with the following information:

  • The title of the story 
  • The edits being made
  • When you would like accessed to be enabled

Once your request is confirmed, we'll let you know the time that your access expires. Then, all you'll have to do is open the story in Writer's Web and get to work. Editing access is applied only to the story requested, not your entire catalog. If you would like access to more than one story, be sure to let us know. Access will automatically end at the time specified so there's no need to get back to us to let us know when you're done. Check out the guidelines below to get familiar with the ins and outs of this new feature.

Editing Access Guidelines

1. Editing access will be permitted for 48 hours. 

2. Only minor changes and re-edits. Please refrain from uploading a rewritten version of your story that is remarkably different from the original published on Radish. This includes removing content and making episodes shorter than the minimum word count. 

3. You will have access only to the story requested. If you’d like to gain access to another story, please send us a request. 

4. You are not able to delete episodes. If you are uploading a re-edit of your story, the content must fit into the amount of episodes already published. 

If you violate these guidelines, we will be unable to grant you editing access in the future so please review them and make sure that when you edit your story, it is to improve the reading experience of your current and future fans!