You can find lots of ways to earn Coins for free in the Gift Box! Tap on the Gift Box icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen to view all of the ways you can gain Coins everyday.

Invite Friends

Do you love Radish so much that you want to share your favorite stories with your friends? You can refer your friends and earn Coins!

  • Swipe to the Invite Friends card in the Gift Box.
  • Tap on “Invite Now” to get a special link to send to your friends.
  • Once your friends receive the link, they’ll need to install the Radish app on their device through the link, create an account, and verify their email address.
  • Shortly after, you and your friends will each receive 12 Coins! Check the Invite Friends card again to view how many successful invites you have. These Coins expire in 7 days.

Haven’t received your Coins yet? Double-check with your friends that they’ve completed all of the above steps - most importantly, verifying their email after signing up. Afterwards, you all will receive your reward Coins. Your friends must be completely new to Radish. Contact us at if you require assistance.


Lucky Draw

Lucky Draw is a fun game of chance: sometimes you win, sometimes you lose! Every evening at 9 PM (your local time), Lucky Draw opens for you to get a chance to win Coins or Coupons for a select story. Tap the bell icon ? on the Lucky Draw card to be notified when it’s time to play your hand!

  • Open Lucky Draw in the Gift Box at 9 PM.
  • Tap to shuffle the cards.
  • Pick a card, any card!
  • Collect your prize! Sometimes, you’ll receive “Better Luck Next Time,” but you can always come back daily to try again.

Coins won in Lucky Draw expire in 2 days. If you're lucky to win the 500 Coins prize, the Coins expire in 14 days. You can view the expiration date in your Coin Receiving History by tapping on the Coin Balance in your Library! 


Video Ads

An easy way to earn Coins is by watching videos ads! Watch up to 6 ads per day and earn 1 Coin for each.

  • Tap the Video Ads card in the Gift Box. The first ad will start immediately!
  • After watching the ad, tap the X button in the top right corner. You’ll receive a pop-up notifying you that you’ve earned a Coin.
  • Keep going! Tap “Watch Next Ad” to keep earning Coins. Once you’ve earned all 6 Coins, we’ll let you know when new ads will be available. Coins earned from watching video ads expire in 3 days.

Did you receive a message that ads aren’t available? Tap “Okay,” refresh the app, and try again.


Ad Offers

Get rewarded with Coins by completing different offers for various amounts of Coins. Currently, Ad Offers are only available on Android devices but please rest assured we’re working to make it available for everyone!

  • Tap the Ad Offers card and choose an offer to complete.
  • Make sure you complete all the steps for the task!
  • Tap “In progress” to view the offers being processed. Most offers take approximately 15 minutes to process but sometimes, it may take a little longer.
  • You’ll receive a pop-up alerting you that you’ve received the Coins! You’ll see the completed offer in the Rewards Earned section of “In Progress.” Coins won by completing Ad Offers expire in 90 days.

If you’ve completed an offer and still haven't received your earnings, please contact Offerwall to submit an inquiry. Tap the [i] icon on the top left of the Ad-offer page and tap on “Missing Coins?” under the status section or send an email at to inquire about Coins you should have received.

Note: Offers may not be visible for you if there aren’t any advertisers who are targeting your region. Please check back after a few hours to see if there are any new offers available!