How do I add another pen name to my writer account?

To add another pen name to your account, you can write in to and request for the ability to add multiple pen names. 


I've chosen Wait-To-Unlock as the pricing model for my story in Writer’s Web but I want more customized settings. How do I make this update?

If you would like your Wait-To-Unlock settings to be different from the pre-set options in Writer's Web, move forward with choosing Wait-To-Unlock and then send us your customized preferences at


How do I manually publish the episodes of my story?

To manually publish your episodes, simply click the button with 3 dots on the episode and then click "Release." Even if you have the Auto-Release toggled ON, you can always manually release episodes!

I'm trying to upload my cover photo but it won't save. What do I do?

A common issue is that the screen size is too big so the Apply button isn't visible! Try minimizing your screen to anything less than 100%. You should be able to see the Apply button when uploading, which officially saves the image. If you're still experiencing some issues uploading, contact us at with your cover image attached so we can upload it for you.


I want to change my cover photo but I'm not sure how to. Where do I go to make the update?

You can update the cover photo on the season level. While in Writer's Web, open the story and then open the season. Afterwards, click the "Edit" button to the far-right of the season title to update the cover.

If you cannot see the "Apply" button when saving the image, try minimizing your screen size to less than 100%!


Why has my story been removed?

If we find a story that violates our Content Policy, we will remove it. The Content Audit team will email you following your story’s removal with more information. Once the story has been updated to fit our guidelines, it can be restored.


My story is non-mature. Why has it been rated mature? 

Any story that includes or will include mature content as defined by Radish has to be rated as mature. 

Mature content is defined as:

  • Explicit sexual content, graphic descriptions of bodies
  • Graphic depictions of violence or mature subjects like self-harm
  • Stories with themes like NSFW, Erotic Romance, Sexy, BDSM, Menage

If you believe your story was rated incorrectly, please email us at


I have separate stories that I would like to be together. Can I link these stories together as one whole story with seasons?

Unfortunately, we are not able to link individual stories into one story with multiple seasons. If you have stories that are meant to be read consecutively, you can leave a Writer’s Note at the end of the last episode to guide readers to the next story. You can also make note of it in the story’s summary. Click here to check out details on linking and separating stories!


Can I have different pricing models for each season?

Pricing models apply on the story level so you can only select one for the entire story. If there are any adjustments you’d like to make (how many episodes are free/locked) or have questions about how a pricing model works, please contact us at


What is the minimum amount of episodes a season can have?

A season should be a minimum of 10 episodes. According to our Content Policy, short stories and anthologies are not allowed.


How many words should I include in each episode?

We've found the most optimal word count to be 1500-2500 words. Our own Radish Originals are typically around 2000 words per episode! Readers love when there's more to read. Find the sweet spot where the word count is around 1500-2500 words with an enticing cliffhanger when selecting where to break up your story into episodes.