Radish is a mobile app for serialized fiction where you can read bite-sized stories published by the most popular and established writers across the web.
A story comprises of several short, punchy episodes that are released according to a schedule designated by the writer (usually weekly). Many stories are free to read, and others are premium stories where you need to purchase individual episodes. The first three episodes of ALL stories on Radish are free, so you'll always get the chance to preview stories before you make a purchase.
Radish is available on iOS and Android.
Read on Radish 
After you create an account, you will have access to thousands of stories by writers who have been hand-selected to publish on Radish. Discover featured picks on your Home tab, search through a variety of stories on the Explore tab, and keep up with stories you've saved to your Library.
Learn more about reading on Radish here.
Publish on Radish 
Radish allows you to reach audiences that read on mobile devices while having the option to monetize certain works. Writers have been using our platform to:
  • Release brand new stories
  • Pre-release books already slated for publication in order to build advance buzz
  • Leverage backlist titles to gain a new audience
  • Upload bonus content for their existing books (prequels, spin-offs, short stories, etc.) 
Learn more about publishing on Radish here.