Readers love stories on Radish because they can find anything that suits their tastes from high-heat steamy stories to clean and wholesome romances and everything in between. Sometimes, the everything-in-between can get a little dark. To give readers a heads up, use content warnings to let them know your story or episode(s) of your story includes heavy subject matter.


Stories that include any of the following require a content warning:

  • Animal cruelty or animal death
  • Child Abuse*
  • Dark Themes (including bullying, kidnapping, intense violence)
  • Dubious Consent*
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Addiction/Substance Abuse
  • Eating Disorder (ED)*
  • Pregnancy Trauma* 
  • Mental Illness
  • Self-Harm*
  • Sexual Trauma (this includes previous instances of sexual assault, rape, grooming, harrassment)*
  • Suicide*

*Topics with an asterisk should be included in the summary of the story and the Writer’s Note of the prior episode. 

For summaries, include the message, “CONTENT WARNING (CW): This story may include scenes or depictions of—.” 

The message in the Writer’s Note should mention “PLEASE NOTE: Sensitive content ahead. For more information please refer to the story summary.”


If you have any questions or feedback about Content Warnings, please reach out to us at!