Where are my Coins I won from the Daily Coin Challenge?

Coins won in our Coin Events will appear in your account within 24 hours. If you do not use them before the validity period is over, they will expire and you will be unable to use them. We recommend checking that you’ve received the Coins and using them immediately. Be sure to check out the details on a Coin Event to note the validity period of the Coins won. You can tap on your Coin Balance in your library to view when those Coins expire after they’ve been deposited.


I want to reread a season of a story. How do I go back?

To move back to an earlier season:

  1. Navigate to the “Season #” dropdown menu on the story page. You can find on the story’s cover and above the list of episodes.
  2. Tap on the dropdown menu, scroll to and tap on the season you’d like to read. 
  3. Instead of tapping "Continue Reading," just open the episode and start reading


I don't want to purchase a bundle of episodes. Why aren't I able to use my Coins to unlock just the next episode?

Please be sure to scroll down past the options for episode bundles and select the 1 episode option if you wish to unlock a single episode!


Can I turn off comments?

You cannot turn off Comments at this time. If you'd like to skip viewing them, you can use the toolbar that appears at the bottom of the page to go to the next episode rather than scrolling to the end.


Are there any stories in another language?

The stories are only available in English at the moment.


Can I read on desktop?

At the moment, Radish is only available on mobile via the App Store and Google Play Store.


Can I download stories?

The stories on Radish are not downloadable. You must have an internet connection in order to read.


My library and my Coins have disappeared. What happened?

Don’t worry! You haven’t lost your coins or the stories in your library. Sometimes, multiple accounts can be created by mistake when you try to log in. Please contact us at support@radishfiction.com with your username and we can help you further.


How do I archive or delete stories?

If you would like to archive or remove a story from any of your Library Shelves, click on the grey Edit button in the far right corner > select the story > choose Archive or Delete. If you would like to continue reading an archived story, just start reading! It will automatically be added to your Current Reads shelf.


How do I change the font? Do you have dark mode?

When reading an episode of a story, you can tap the Aa button on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to customize your reading experience. Here, you can change the style and size of the font and the color of the page. You can also use the collapsed menu icon to easily navigate between episodes.


I was charged for my subscription but the Coins haven’t deposited. Where are my Coins?

The App Store/Google Play Store processes all purchases and typically does so 24 hours before in case there are any issues. If you still haven’t received your Coins, please contact Radish Support with your invoice and username and we will look further into it for you.


I uninstalled the app. Why am I still being charged for my subscription?

Deleting or uninstalling the app does not automatically end your subscription. You must cancel it on your device by going to your account in the App Store or Google Play Store account. You can follow the instructions here to cancel your subscription.